Zshuk emerged in South Brooklyn

Zshuk Art Initiative was founded by two artists from Midwood, Brooklyn in response to an acute need in the Russian-speaking Jewish community for social change and leadership through local artistic initiatives.

Zshuk originated from a monthly children’s art paper created by an artist collective. It was published by means of silkscreen printing in edition of 300 copies and distributed throughout South Brooklyn neighborhood day care centers and kindergartens for two years.

Zshuk is the only educational program rooted in a progressive philosophy that focuses on identity and personal expression; it is a replicable and groundbreaking model, bridging identity awareness and culture across the lives of young people and their families.

We believe in the importance of human creative potential and that harnessing that potential is best done at a young age.

At a time when art programs are being eliminated from schools and community centers all over New York, Zshuk creates a unique space for children and families to express their own innovative creative energies.