To foster the creative and intellectual development of children through quality multimedia arts programs, directed by arts professionals.

Zshuk Art Initiative is an innovative program dedicated to integrating traditional academic skills into visual arts, theater and music. Hands-on experiences enrich and fulfill learning standards, enabling students to make connections between history, community and the world around them. All classes are taught by artists with an extensive knowledge of history and culture of art, as well as strong technical skills.
The teachers model artist’s way of thinking and working, and convey to their students enthusiasm in the art making process. Children learn that art is more than a skill — it is a process of exploration and discovery.
Our approach is inquiry-based and interdisciplinary. Children are carefully guided to experiment with a great variety of visual arts: painting, collage, construction, sculpting and sketching. Puppetry, creative movement, and theater encourages self expression with the use of the whole body, promoting small and gross movement development and coordination. Children study works by famous and contemporary artists and discuss their observations in small groups. Language learning is an integral part of the curriculum, with emphasis on the understanding and communication of ideas. Zshuk Art Initiative partners with community based centers to support children’s art education. Our programs are aligned with the rigorous New York State Learning Standards and Core Curriculum.